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Information about colour vision deficiency

Vision is the most important human sensor: 90% of all information received via vision. 5% via hearing, 2% touching, 2% tasting, 1% smelling.

The loss of information due to inadequate colour decoding prevents or slows down comprehension, increases reaction time and generally lowers the quality of life.

8% of men and 0,5% of women have colour deficiency or colour blindness in the civilized word. According to the previous statistic there are 32,6 million CVD men in USA, Japan and West-Europe.

Colour deficient children encounter problems at kindergarten, at school by painting red grass, green roofs, not being able to solve math problems etc. And can be the subjects of accompanying ridicule and jokes when not able to see their colourful books or maps or the board properly.

The human eye can simultaneously detect three primary colours, red green and blue. All other colours are obtained by through the mixing of the three primary colorus. In the case of color deficiency one or more primary colours are not detected in the normal way, while people who are colour blind see shades of grey only (total colour blindness). Under the most recent theory of colour vision, color blindness is recognized as an extreme case of color deficiency.

Color vision enhancement

Colorlite has designed and manufactures lenses with a special coating, which are designed in such a way that enhance the individual's color vision. The correction can be applied for each type of red-green color vision deficiencies, even in the most severe cases of Protanopy (total lack of red cones) and Deuteranopy (total lack of green cones).

Colorlite glasses can enhance the color vision so effectively that the client can see more colors and hues which were unrecognizable before.

How can you get Colorlite glasses?

Ask for an appointment with one of the Opticians found on the Contact page

  • The measurement takes 30 - 45 minutes. Test will be carried out using a Colorlite color vision test book.
  • During the measurement all Colorlite lenses are tested. Those that are selected, will ensure the most effective color vision enhancement.
  • Plano, focal and multifocal eyeglass lenses are available.
  • Lenses can be fitted in all type of frames.

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